Friday, 21 November 2014

Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st November 2014 Written Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st November 2014 Written Update 

The episode starts with Bhabho shooting at herself while Sooraj is distressed. Disha stops Sooraj. Sooraj asks Bhabho not to kill herself. Bhabho refuses and pulls trigger. There is no bullet and Bhabho is safe. Prema tells about game of death and asks Bhabho to shoot at dr. Gautam. Bhabho refuses to shoot. Prema says Gautam showed bravery to fight against us and he should get prize for it. Prema asks Bhabho to shoot fast and it can make many people get heart attack. Gautam stands up and his wife protects him. She asks Prema not to kill Gautam. Prema says they have saved many life and now they will see will life save them or not. She makes Bhabho pull trigger. The bullet is not there again. Bhabho cries plentiful. Prema says this man is lucky.

At the jail, Sandhya recalls Rajkumar’s unlucky words and his family’s misery. She says Rajkumar and a person in darkness asks Sandhya what is she doing. She asks what are you doing here Zakir and where is Rajkumar. He says he came to see reports to help her. She asks about Rajkumar. He says he is shifted in security ccell. Zakir sees gun in her hand and recalls her words feeling helpless. He asks how can she think this being dutiful officer. Sandhya says she lost her husband and family and even he was dying. She says he has no right to be alive. She says she will kill him. Zakir asks her to keep gun inside. He says whatever difficulties come, a dutiful officer should not let emotions win and law lose. Sandhya cries.

The plane is stopped at some place. Prema continues game of death. Bhabho says forgive me. Prema asks her to shoot Shanky. She says there is nothing in world you can’t do and teaches her to shoot. Shanky begs not to kill him. Prema says Bhabho is very lucky. She shoots Shanky and even he gets saved. Prema says I told you Bhabho is lucky and goes to Mamta ji. Even she gets saved from getting killed. Prema says one bullet is there and two slots with one death and one life. She says we have to see who gets death. She calls some guy to come. Disha takes the guy to front. The guy requests Bhabho not to kill him. His wife requests not to kill him.

Prema asks Bhabho not to shake hand and shoot. He gets really shot and everyone freeze with fear. Bhabho is shocked as the guy’s blood falls on her face. Maya gives a bloody stare. Bhabho gets into guilt shock. Bhabho tells Sooraj that she has killed that guy. His wife cries asking him to get up.

Maya tells Sandhya that she is sending video. She asks her to show video to govt and they can come to any result..
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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Diya Aur Baati Hum 20th November 2014 Written Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 20th November 2014 Written Update 

The episode starts with Rathi family putting their anger out on Sandhya. She is of no use to safe family as she is doing just police officer duty. She does not care about Sooraj and Bhabho. Sandhya sits in Babasa’s feet and breaks down crying. Babasa breaks down with fear of losing his family. He tells he was never scared as Bhabho has taken care of home very well. He says Santosh and Sooraj did not make me lose. He says today he has lost without his Santosh and Sooraj. He says he is failed man, husband and father. He says he does not know about his family and their state. Sandhya asks him to punish her. He asks are they dead or alive. He tells he does not have courage to punish a big police officer and may be she will put them in lockup or shoot them. He says Santosh was right that she needs bahu and not police officer. He says she was never fed up saying Sandhya Bindini. He says Sooraj left them because of her dream. He says he got this big favor from her police officer wife and gets all his frustration out. He falls down and they all hold him.

Vikram says Sandhya has kicked them in big valley and they can’t come out of it. Babasa asks Sandhya to get back Sooraj, Santosh and Chaturi. He says he will be indebted to her all his life if she does this. Vikram takes Babasa to the room.

Disha wakes up all plane passengers. Sooraj wakes up Bhabho and Chaturi. Sooraj thanks Thakur ji that everyone is alive. The pilots are caught by Prema. The pilot says they are at such place where no govt can help them. He says these three terrorists are owner of their wish. Prema asks them to move. They ask how did they feel to be close to death. They scare the passengers more and congratulates for having life. Bai ji Maya says Indian govt has refused to our demand and they will kill them. She asks Prema to bring two people who were safe last time.

Prema asks Bhabho to show her wound and do exercise. Sooraj holds Bhabho. Disha says move back. Bhabho goes with Prema. Prema drags her and gives gun in her hand. She teaches Bhabho to use gun and asks her to kill passengers. Maya asks Bhabho to kill people. Prema says she got good opportunity to choose whom she wants to kill. Prema says Sooraj can die too. Maya says hurry up. Bhabho cries seeing gun in her hand. She says it is better to die than killing someone else. Sooraj and Chaturi shout Bhabho. Disha stops Sooraj.

Sandhya goes to jail to visit Rajkumar. She recalls Rajkumar’s threatening words and the plane hijack. She goes to shoot Rajkumar who is sitting in lockup darkness. She says Rajkumar. Bhabho starts sweating. Sooraj wants to stop her.

Sandhya talks to Maya and asks for Sooraj. Maya refuses as govt did not fulfill their demand. She says she is sending video and this will break their pride. 
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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Diya Aur Baati Hum 19th November 2014 Written Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 19th November 2014 Written Update 

The episode starts with Sandhya answering the media and people defending the govt rules and asking them how many of them give their contribution. She asks them to do a good indian’s duty and not blame police and govt. Sandhya asks them why can’t they help and simply question. She tells about the hijack known before and she was hit by the car, no one helped her on road being a good citizen. She tells no one has time for doing duty and come to get rights.

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Babasa comes there and says his son helps everyone. He asks ACP Rathi why did this happen with this son if he did his duty and his wife is responsible citizen and even then they are dying for govt law decision. The man says Sandhya has no family and won’t understand their pain. Sandhya says she understands their pain. She goes answering duty call. The media asks for answer. All passengers fall in seats as the plane is crash landing.

The plane position is seen and Sandhya sees the plane going in sea. They try contacting pilot and Sandhya asks how did it disappear. The man says it means the plane is crashed by terrorists. Sandhya asks him to check technical fault. The man says I can’t do anything. Sandhya talks to pilot and Maya on the mic. She does not get any answer. Mr. Chowdhry stops her and gets scolded for bad results. Sandhya is upset as everyone is concerned to give answers. Sandhya asks for an answer as a wife as her husband and family are in plane. Sandhya asks him to give all passengers back. She scolds him for thinking about answer and not passenger’s life. She asks him to think what will he answer people about their families as this fear will kill them. She asks how will she go back home. She cries with fear of losing her husband and family.

She asks what should she tell my family. She panics asking everyone to say what should she tell them. The media questions people about govt decision was right or wrong, on 2310 hijack rescue. The reporter gets breaking news and tells about 2310 crash. Mr. Chowdhry tells media that he is not sure about plane crash and they all are trying to contact the pilots. Rathi family gets disheartened by watching the news.

Sandhya recalls her marriage and sees Sooraj’s sweet shop. She recalls Sooraj and cries thinking about their marriage journey. She comes home.

Meenakshi wipes Emily’s tears and asks her to have faith in Sandhya. Sandhya sees her family shedding tears. Meenakshi asks Sandhya to get back Bhabho by finding the plane by any way. She says you area big officer and can do anything. They ask her to bring family back and keep her promise. Emily says you could explain police about their wrong decision but many families died because of one mistake, how can you do this. They are worried thinking is their family alive or dead.

Sandhya walks in jail and goes to shoot Rajkumar angrily. 
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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th November 2014 Written Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th November 2014 Written Update 

Epi starts with Maya telling arjun that 2310 is again under their ctrl nd wants RK’s release..
She tells she wants to talk to RK to confirm that he s alive still
Arjun tells her to believe that RK s alive..
Maya gets angry .. Sanddy tells she will talk to govt
Maya tells sandy nt to worry as suraj s still alive
Maya tells she will start killing one by one if nt done..Arjun tells govt has nt given permission
Maya tells she s gonna start killing
All in ATC are worried..
SP sir tells they must nt wait anymore
Minister tells he s gonna get international support

Minister tells Sandy to go to media nd ask what govt should decide nd why ??He warns her that whatever decision s taken its for good by the govt.
She agrees nd goes..
Sandy comes out nd media ask when the flight will land ??
Sandy tells abt hijack again nd ask them what they can do ?? they are asking to talk to RK..
Some people tell they must allow to talk as there are many passengers in danger
Sandy tells govt didnt allow..RP also seeing the news … Vik shouts at what sandy s saying ??
All r angry on her nd upset..
Sandy goes away nd starts crying alone ..
Someone keeps hand on her shoulder
She turns nd s shoked to see zak..he s with walk stick…
She tells abt the govt’s decision nd s totally broken by that..
Along with suraj , bb , chathuri .. all the other passengers are also in trouble..
she s crying.. zak pacifies her nd tells they will find a way
Sandy tells he has come nd they have to find a way together nd bring them out..Arjun s seeing them .. She tells is it gonna be difficult ?
Arjun tells its tough but not impossible..
He tells I know that you are the same Sandhya Rathi in sirji’s training..
he tells sirji s his frnd nd she knows abt Sandy very well
He tells this sandy was last in everything…zak smiles nd tells its the same sandy who was last on the 1st day but with hardwork nd confidence came first..
Arjun tells he knows that zandy can do wonders nd tells ATB
zak shake hands nd start their mission

P asks the passengers whether they like mountain or ocean

D shouting at them to raise their hands..Maya tells P that govt has denied to talk with RK…
She gets doubt whether RK s alive..
She tells the passengers that she s nt cared whether they are alive or dead nd gets ready to shoot

All r confused…Maya tells them that the govt has left them nd tells them to ready to die..
P asks whether they like mountain or ocean ..
She tells she will fulfill the last wish of them nd asks them to tell ..

The flight s abt to crash .. its getting down fast .. Suraj closes his eyes nd thinks abt his last flying kiss to sandy in airport

P tells Maya that ocean s very good …Maya tells them that they are nt having much time ..
Gautham’s wife s crying.. aushtosh nd his wife are crying.. he tells they both will die together..
Shanky tells them nt to kill ..
bb gets fb of bbsa telling lets see who will miss the other more ??
bbsa giving her pan while coming so that she can remember him
suraj asks bb if she s ok..She tells that she s thinking abt RP
Suraj gets fb of that bindi scene .. sandy telling that she will stick bindi on mirror nd count the days they will be separated..
she s telling wo ai nee..
Suarj tells wo ai nee… closing his eyes
flight s coming down in high speed..
He thinks abt the last kiss in airport

ATC comes to know that the flight s coming down in high speed.. all panic.. The flight is coming vertically down
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Saturday, 15 November 2014

Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th November 2014 Written Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th November 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Sooraj trying to divert Maya. She opens the cockpit door and they catch Maya. Babasa prays for Sooraj and everyone. The pilot contacts ATC. Pilot Amit says them that the plane hijack failed, as the passengers have caught all the terrorists. Sandhya and everyone smile. Amit says Sooraj Rathi made this possible. Sooraj smiles and thinks how they have caught Maya. Maya shouts help and calls out Disha and Prema. Sandhya smiles hearing about Sooraj Rathi’s bravery. Vadeja says we are proud of Sooraj Rathi. Arjun asks to talk to Sooraj, as minister wants to talk. Sooraj is given the headphone. Sandhya hears him.

The minister talks to him and says you did a brave act, the country is proud of you, and well done. Everyone clap for Sooraj. Arjun says good job. Sooraj says I request you to inform all families that we are safe and two are dead, we regret. Arjun says I will make the announcement. Arjun says we have a good news, the country is proud and minister gave your name for national award. Sandhya smiles. Sooraj says he is not alone, his fellow passengers, Dr Gautam and air hostess Jyoti is also with him, he did it with them, he gave me courage. Sandhya’s watch plays, and the Diya aur baati hum…………. Music plays………… She says sorry. Sooraj hears it and asks is Officer Sandhya there, can I talk to her.

Arjun smiles and says yes, she is here. Sandhya talks to him. She says Sooraj ji and he gets tears in his eyes. He says Sandhya ji are you fine. She says all the passengers are coming back to us, all thanks to you. He says even I m excited to come back. He cries and gives the headphone to pilot. Vadeja tells congrats captain, we did not have the solution for this big problem, well done. The pilots prepare for emergency landing. Vadeja says I understood Sooraj Rathi is your husband, am I right. Sandhya says yes. He says congrats, media is waiting for you, go and give them the good news. She leaves. Vadeja says he will personally receive Sooraj.

Sandhya comes out and is happy that Sooraj did a brave work. She dances and Arjun and Vadeja see her, doing ummmhmm….. she stops. They walk by her side. She wears her police cap and says I m sorry, i….. Vadeja says I will leave. Arjun smiles and says policemen are also humans, and dance is good when its such a good news. He leaves. She smiles. Everyone see the news about Sooraj Rathi saving the passengers, as Sandhya gives the good news to them. Zakir and Babasa see this in the hospital.

She says 2310 is coming back to country safe and terrorists are caught by the brave passengers. Sandhya names Sooraj, Dr Gautam and air hostess Jyoti. Babasa says my Sooraj, he has fought with the terrorists and saved everyone. Zakor happily cries and speaks up, saying very good. Babasa is stunned and says he is very happy.

Maya, Disha and Prema are caught. Bhabho talks to Sweety’s grandma. The lady thanks Bhabho for saving her daughter. Bhabho asks what. The lady says you are lucky to have a son that he loves you so much and was ready to give his life, but my fate does not have such son, my daughter got me here and my son taunted her till when will she keep me with her, if anything happened today, he would have taunted her more, but we are fine. They cry. She says like I have my son, you have a daughter. Gautam tells his ex wife Kavya that we will reach Jaipur in some time and then… She says then busy in our work, I have to leave for Dubai, I can’t miss my imp meeting. Sooraj sees Gautam crying. Gautam thanks him for caring for him being a stranger, some people are no made to be together.

Sooraj talks to Kavya and asks her to give another chance to Gautam. He says we have fought together, and we are like family, I m saying this as a brother, Gautam is a good person, he still loves you. He says why should we sacrifice love for anything. She sees Gautam playing with Sweety and smiles. Maya gets short of breath. Prema and Disha worry. Maya asks for her asthma pump. Prema says give her pump, she will die. The man says I think she is acting. Disha says no, she really has asthma, have pity on her. Shanky says don’t trust her, she is acting, why should we pity her.

Disha asks Gautam to see Maya is not acting. Maya gets more unwell. Gautam gives her the pump and she gets fine. Prema and Disha are relieved. Sooraj asks everyone to sit. Maya looks at Sweety and makes a new plan.

Prema catches Sweety. The ATC officer says 2310 is contacting again. Everyone get worried.
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Friday, 14 November 2014

Diya Aur Baati Hum 14th November 2014 Written Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 14th November 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Sandhya telling SP that we have to find some way to free all passengers and not freeing RK. Vadeja says it looks good to hear, but is not practical, we can’t do any experiment. Sooraj makes some noise to get Prema close to his seat. They all get ready to attack on them. He gets up and Prema turns to aim gun at him. He signs Gautam. He takes the gun from Prema’s hand, just the way Sandhya taught him. Gautam catches Prema. The air hostess and Shanky catch Disha and take their gun. Sooraj says enough Prema. They shut their mouths and tie their hands and legs. Sooraj and Shanky aim guns on them. Gautam hugs Sooraj.

Everyone get glad as their attack succeeded. Chaturi says we got saved Bhabho. Maya is in cockpit. Sooraj asks them to take watches and pointed things from them. Babasa thinks about Bhabho and cries. Vikram pacifies Babasa as Lord will make everything fine. Taisa comes with ladies and curses Prema and Disha, being behind the hijack. Meenakshi says I knew she is not good, but no one hears me. Vikram says its about us, Sooraj and Bhabho are in danger. She says I m sorry, I m waiting for Sandhya’s call. Taisa asks did Sandhya say anything, will she help. Mohit says she did not tell anything.

Babasa says they can kill anyone. Vikram says I trust Sandhya, be patient. Emily gives him tea. Babasa cries telling about Bhabho. He says my strength is Sooraj and Santosh, I m here without them, being helpless, unable to do anything for them. He says I will go to airport, I will be mad being here. Vikram asks what will you do there, the plane is out of India. He says this is testing time. Babasa says how to save my family, whom should I beg, whom should I ask to save my family. He goes inside the home thinking something.

Gautam tells Sooraj that we have controlled situation here, what about the third one, how to go in cockpit. Sweety’s mum says you can go saying you came to give coffee. The air hostess says she can’t go, as there is camera, she won’t open door seeing us. Sooraj says yes, she is very smart than these two. Gautam says should we use them at gun point to open door. Sooraj says no, it can be dangerous. He says we all can die, what to do now. The air hostess sees Prema’s wig.

She says I have an idea and shows the wig. She says no one identified Prema in the wig, we will also go like this, I will make light dim and she can’t well in dim light. Sooraj says this is good, knock the door thrice, its their sign. He thinks in FB and tells them that Prema did this when she took me and Bhabho. The air hostess takes Prema’s getup. Bhabho stops Sooraj and blesses him, asking him to go. She prays to Lord to save Sooraj. Babasa comes to meet Zakir and cries holding his hand. Zakir holds his hand and Babasa sees his improvement. He tells the nurse. The nurse says he is improving, he saw the hijack news and took ASP Sandhya’s name, he will be fine soon.

Vadeja tells everyone that they have to obey the govt decision, and emotions are not more imp than duty. He says we should know the decision will be in favor of the country. Babasa talks to Zakir and says Sooraj used to pray daily for your recovery, I m missing Sooraj and Santosh, I m feeling scared. He says I can’t sit at home, everyone’s words are making me afraid, I don’t know what to do, so I came to you, as you are also like my son, I feel like I m sitting near my Sooraj. Zakir cries. Babasa says you know Sooraj did not hurt anyone’s heart, I need you, Sandhya needs you, everyone needs you, get well soon, Lord will do something. The air hostess knocks thrice as Sooraj guides her. Sooraj and Gautam hide. Maya turns and goes to the door. Sooraj waits for her.

Maya looks in camera and sees Prema’s wig. The ATC man says 2310 is contacting us.
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Thursday, 13 November 2014

Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th November 2014 Written Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th November 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Sandhya telling everyone about Sooraj’s flight hijacked and Disha and Prema are the terrorists. They are shocked. Mohit plays the news and they see the terrorists deman to stop RK’s hanging. He says Maya, Prema and Disha have done this, and two people have died. Vikram asks what are they saying, Sooraj, Bhabho and Chaturi is in death trap. Meenakshi asks will they come back safe. Emily says say something. Mohit says give them Rajkumar back. Babasa asks her to do something, free Rajkumar, get our family back. Sandhya cries.

She says our govt is trying to save everyone, have trust on them, they will be back. Babasa says I trust you. Sandhya gets a call and SP asks her to come to Pushkar’s headquarters, as they will talk to terrorists directly. She says Vadeja will object. He says you are RK’s case incharge and have to come. She says I m coming. She tells them that she has to go, asking Vikram to take care of everyone. She says everything will be fine. She leaves. Everyone see the same news about the hijack. Zakir hears the news and is shocked. He moves his hand and reacts. He says Sandhya…………… the nurse hears him and calls doctor.

Sooraj tells Gautam that we can’t sit like this, we have to do something. Gautam says no Sooraj, its risky, we can’t do anything. His ex wife says yes, if we act foolish, anyone can die. Prema and Disha aim guns at them. Disha says we don’t have any humanity. Shanky looks at Disha. Disha talks to him and scares him. Shanky starts crying and says please leave me, I beg you. Sooraj tells Gautam that they are just 3 and if we get strong, we can fail their plan, I need your support, we can do this. Gautam says no, they have guns, it will be foolishness. Sooraj thinks in FB that he once scared Sandhyaby fooling her that he has a gun. Diya aur baati……………..plays…………..

She sees the gun and acts like being scared. He says you have to listen to me. She asks what. He signs for a kiss. She goes closer and takes the gun from him. She aims at him and asks what will he do now. He gets shocked by her smart move. He says yes, I was tiger because of gun, and now its aiming at me, how did you do this. She says I learned this in training, courage and smartness is imp. He says he will always remember this, she has ruined the romance. They smile and she kisses him.

Sweety says she wants to play. Disha asks her to sit quietly. Sooraj tells Gautam that he can control them by bravery, trust me. He says he wants their support, he can try. Sooraj says I will try to get her gun, just catch her. Gautam’s ex wife says its not easy. Gautam says Sooraj is right, we are many, we can control them. The minister says we can’t leave RK like this. Vadeja says yes, but we don’t have any option. Arjun says we want to save 78 people by freeing them, and risking crores Indians lives. Sandhya says she wants to say something. Sooraj asks Bhabho to tell his plan to everyone.

Disha asks him to be quiet. Sooraj says the people who support us will help us, if they refuse, atleast ask them to pass the message. Bhabho tells the plan to Chaturi. Disha asks Chaturi to stay silent. Chaturi gives the message to Shanky. Shanky refuses. Gautam passes the message to others. His ex wife asks him not to do this. Gautam says I have no one to cry for me, I will do this. She cries. Sooraj stands and Prema turns to him. Everyone is shocked.

Prema and Disha are attacked by the passengers.
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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Diya Aur Baati Hum 12th November 2014 Written Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 12th November 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Sandhya arguing with Vadeja on finding some way to free the passengers and not leave RK. Vadeja says its very foolish. She says we have less time. Maya talks to them and makes Bhabho and Sooraj tell their names. Sandhya is shocked. Vadeja and Arjun looks on seeing Sandhya’s family being in flight. Sandhya moves back and cries. Bhabho asks them to help everyone, as the three ladies have hijacked the plane. She says they ate terrorists and two were at our home. Disha and Prema. Sandhya is shocked. She says they have shot two people till now. Vadeja says it means they have killed the commando. Bhabho says there are many people, old, young, kids, pregnant women, please help us, they will kill us.

Sooraj asks Bhabho to be strong. Maya takes the mic and says you have just 5 mins, RK’s hanging should be stopped, else Bhabho’s words will be her last words. She says we don’t have pity for the passengers. She says Arjun Chowdhary, maybe you want to hear the gun shot, get ready to die Bhabho. Sooraj comes in between and says how dare you think this about my Bhabho, you have to kill me first, I will protect her, shoot me. Bhabho says no. Maya says stop this drama. She asks Arjun to think well, as she will count till 3, and Indian govt will be responsible for this. She counts 3,2,1 and ……. RK stands near the hanging rope. He is made to wear the black cloth on his face. Arjun says we have to give them an answer to stop them.

Sandhya hears Sooraj and Bhabho’s voice and the gun loading. Vadeja says tell them we have stopped RK’s hanging. Arjun says we have stopped RK’s hanging orders. SP calls jailer and stops RK’s hanging. Maya asks Prema to take Sooraj and Bhabho back. RK is taken aback and the black cloth is removed. He smiles. Maya says I have left your passengers, but I know its not easy to trust you. She says she wants to talk to RK now. Arjun says he is in Pushkar, its not possible, you have to trust us, our govt will not risk to do any mistake. Maya says fine, I can trust you, but our demand is we want RK fine and freed.

She says its cheap deal to free 78 passengers instead RK. She orders the pilot to change the plane direction. Sandhya reads the doc to halt RK’s hanging for emergency reasons. Vadeja gets angry. Sandhya says the orders came first, but you…… Vadeja says you are blaming me, I came here to do my duty, I m sent here specially to do this, I m trying to save them, but you are tensed about your family. Sandhya says there are three family members. Vadeja says it means you are angry for them. She says I m worried for all 78, my duty is not dependent on relations. Vadeja says he does not have time for this talk. He says we should call a meeting with ministers and think by mind.

SP says it means we have to shift RK to Jaipur. Arjun says it can be a new problem, its not safe. He says till we decide, we will keep him in special cell. Emily sees job confirmation letter mail for Mohit and shows him. They get glad. She says finally, Lord heard us. He says its in other city and I have to go in two days. She says so what, its not so far. She says you tried so hard, take the job. He says yes, but I can’t do this without asking Bhabho and Babasa. She says yes, talk to Babasa. He says I will talk to him and goes to him. Babasa tells Meenakshi he is going for walk and asks her to cook his fav dishes. Sandhya walks towards home crying. Few ladies ask did she talk to Sooraj and Bhabho, did they reach Dubai. She thinks about Bhabho’s words and cries.

She thinks about Sooraj’s words, and realizes she did not tie the protection thread to him. She comes home and sees everyone happy. Mohit says he has a good news. Meenakshi says don’t tell me Emily is pregnant. Emily says no and they smile. Vikram says Sandhya has come. Meenakshi and everyone see her hurt. They get worried and ask her what happened. Meenakshi says she is a big officer and gets few wounds. Babasa asks why is she looking upset and asks Meenakshit o get haldi milk for Sandhya. Meenakshi says Sandhya is upset as Sooraj is away from her. Sandhya starts crying and hugs Babasa.

They get worried. Babasa smiles and says she loves Sooraj a lot, don’t cry, he just went for one week, he will come soon, don’t cry. Meenakshi asks what happened, and asks Mohit to call Sooraj. Mohit says tell us what happened. Emily goes to get water. Sandhya says Sooraj’s flight has been hijacked. They all are shocked.

Sooraj asks Bhabho to have strength and he needs her help to flop their plan. Sooraj gets up and Prema aims gun at him.
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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th November 2014 Written Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th November 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with RK standing near the hanging rope. Sweety asks for sweets. Bhabho asks Sooraj to get the laddoo box. He opens the box and reads Sandhya’s card, with Wo aini written. E says I m missing you. He gives laddoo to Sweety. She says she wants to see in window. He says wait and keeps the bag back. She removes the towel off the commando’s face. Sooraj asks the man to get up and he falls on Prema. Prema thinks she can’t hide more and has to take action. She screams. Everyone is shocked seeing him. Sooraj asks Gautam to see. Gautam says he is dead, inform the pilot. Prema goes back. The air hostess says calm down, I will inrom the pilot. Prema comes there with a gun and says no need to go anywhere. Everyone is shocked seeing her. PRema says we have hijacked the plane, go and sit back in the seats, do as I say, else you will lose life. Sooraj thinks where did Disha go.

Prema asks the air hostess to get the business class passengers. Everyone sit with hands up. Prema says let us do our work, don’t make me kill anyone. Everyone gets scared. Disha comes from behind. Sooraj signs her. Disha signs yes. She takes the gun from Prema and aims at her. Everyone smile. Disha says what did you feel, you will show gun and we will be scared. Sooraj says you did this well, our prayers are with you. Disha aims at Sooraj. Everyone gets shocked. Sooraj asks whats this joke. Disha kicks him. Sooraj is shocked seeing Disha being a terrorist.

Prema says this is not a joke, we have hijacked this plane and she is with us. Everyone is shocked. The lawyer says RK is getting hanged for terrorist attacks in country, and he will be hanged in 10mins. Maya thinks its just 10mins, and no answer from them. Disha says you know me, bad luck Sooraj. Sooraj says it means Dubai food festival, all this is cheating, it was a plan. He calls her a traitor. He scolds her. Disha says yes, you understood but late. He says you can’t harm us now, I took entry as Rajkumar did, you got cheated once, and even then did not change.

Prema calls their names, and says Sandhya was finding me, and I was at your home. She removes her goggles and shows her face. They are shocked to see its Prema. She acts sweet again and removes her wig. Bhabho says you are a terrorist, you came in my house and fooled my son, she cheated us. She says how could I make such a big mistake. Prema says yes, your house was the safest place for us, as Rathi family thinks by heart, not by mind. She says the foolish Vikram was away from Meenakshi and came to me, you took me to your home.

She says even when IPS officer was there two terrorists were there and no one knew it, you should get an award for this. Sooraj shouts Prema, we were not fools, we had humanity, its out strength, not weakness. Disha asks him to shut up, else he can lose his life. Bhabho gets worried. Prema asks her to move back. They send Sooraj to his seat. Bhabho cries. Prema asks them to keep pointed things in the bag. Everyone give away the watch, and other things. Sooraj hides the spy camera pen. Arjun talks to Maya. She says she will start killing people, as she won’t take much time. Arjun says give me 5mins. Maya talks to passenger section by scolding the pilot.

She tells the passengers that Indian govt did not stop Rajkumar’s hanging, we have killed air hostess and commando, and have to give new gift to them. She asks Prema to get the gift. Prema looks at everyone asking few people to come. Nandini’s husband saves her, and Gautam saves his ex wife. She is stunned. Prema goes to Sooraj and asks Bhabho to come. Sooraj stops her saying till he is there, he won’t let anything happen to Bhabho. Prema says I can shoot and kill you. Bhabho says move Sooraj, let me go. Sooraj comes in between and says no, I won’t let you go.

Disha says their mum and son love can be problem, take both of them, if any one dies, other will also die, let them die. Sooraj looks on shocked.

Sandhya is shocked hearing Sooraj and Bhabho. Maya counts 3,2 and 1, and loads the gun. Arjun sees Sandhya crying and realizes its her family.
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