Thursday, 13 December 2012

Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th December 2012 Written Update

Episode starts with Salman saying he heard that Charity begins at home, but he is hearing it for the 1st time that stealing begins at home. Sonakshi comes and asks Salman to leave them. Suraj convinces Sallu that they are here to fulfill the dream of Sandy, and says he wants her to study and become a good police officer in future. Sandy says to Sallu that she respects Suraj ji a lot for this and speaks well about Suraj. But Salman isn’t convinced it seems, says as a poilce officer, he is bound by behavior and so can’t leave them offhand like that. Sandhya says to Sallu to leave them and says they are genuinely coming from night college, so they should leave them. Sallu says here no night college functions and they are trying to fool him or what?
Sallu said he is childhood friend of Suraj and came here to see the Mangal-Aarti as it is quite famous at Puskar. Chotu sees the stars on shirt of Pandey Ji and is elated

Meena advertizes her shop to Sonakshi.

Everyone describes Chulbul Pandey, how naughty he is, meaning of Dabaang and all.
Meena dreams of having a CHulbuli son like Pandey ji
Sallu (Pandey Ji) says they will pray in Mangal-Aarti that more bravehearts comes in police force.
Bhabo blesses them, and they leaves.

Later Suraj thanks them for saving and not telling about the truth to Bhabo.
Sonakshi & Sallu give good wishes and leaves.
Everyone at home doing usual chores in morning, Meena came to assist but tries to eat more than what she leaves for others, and Chavi stops her.

Sandhya came with clothes, and as usual cloth-hanging moments came, Suraj took the cloth before Sandhya could sprinkle water on him and give him a shower, and they play a little tug and pull with that.

Chavi & Meena are eating nuts more when they are peeling off the outer coverings.
In balcony, Sandhya smiles and gives the cloth to Suraj, Suraj was about to hang it when he received a cloth-shower from Sandy from a different cloth an get startled. They play more and more but Bhabo calls and asks Suraj to make something with the nuts. Suraj says he will make a badam halwa with those nuts.
Pappu leaves a passenger near the Hanuman Gali, asks if he will venture into Hanuman Gali and drop him in doorstep, passenger says it is not needed.

Pappu comes with baby clothes and searches for Sandy’s house, a boy shows him the house and Pappu is coming to Rathi house.

Meena takes the milk from milkman and spills it, inviting the wrath of Bhabo. Pappu was about to knock the door when he heard Bhabo shouting & scolding Meena for spoiling milk and asking her to be careful. Bhabo asks Chavi to clean up the mess. Sandhya watches the proceedings from Balcony, Pappu was intently watching it as well. Bhabo is on fire. Pappu says to himself that Bhabo is much greater Pataka than Sandhya herself, and thinks of fleeing the spot before he comes in the line of fire. Pappu then sees the langots (baby clothes) on his hand and remains undecided, thinks of what to do & what not to do. Episode ends.
Precap–> Dhaisa & other neighbours are calling Bhabo and laughing hoarsely. everyone laughs their heart out. Bhabo & all other family members come out, including SurYa and they are confused as to why people are laughing so much.

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